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London Candy is an independent, high class London escorts agency serving the needs of customers across the capital on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that every single one of our customers is completely satisfied with the service that we provide, and our selection of stunning girls certainly helps in this respect.

We invite you to take a look at the girls on our website and to find out more about each one by reading their profile pages. We have handpicked each girl based on the qualities that we believe our customers most desire:

Beauty – If you are going to go to the expense of arranging a date with a high class escort, we think that beauty should be a given. For this reason, we make sure that every single one of our girls is a pleasure to behold.

Charm – Beauty without charm is like cheese without pickle; it just doesn’t feel right and it isn’t as enjoyable as it should be. Our models are charming, personable young ladies who know how to captivate a man and make him feel like the most special person in the world.

Intelligence – For a truly satisfying experience, many men require a girl who can hold an intelligent conversation and who will not feel out of place at a formal business event. All of the girls that you can see on our website are not only gorgeous to look at and enormous fun to spend time with, they are intelligent ladies who know their own minds.

Sex Appeal – Our girls are sexy, saucy, naughty and nice. They are everything you ever wanted in a woman, all rolled into one perfect package. If you want to find out what the perfect woman is really like, pick up the phone and make a booking today!


What Our Girls Expect from You

As long as you are clean, polite, and happy with the terms we agree beforehand, you will find that our girls are very easy to get along with. We make sure that all the models on our team are as eager to please as we are and you will find them very undemanding, if that is what you desire.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a date who demands your full attention and keeps you on your toes the whole night, we can make that happen too. Call 07413 215 141 to make a booking.

EscortDirectory-UK Review


Getting the right kind of person to accompany you during your weekend tour or simply to have a date after losing yours, you can go directly to EscortDirectory-UK listings. Within this website is a listing of independent escorts that are ready to indulge in every fantasy their clients wantf them to do. Each of these escorts are professionals – they take escort services with a passion. They are not only good for certain services they provide, but each of them are sweet and unique. This is what keeps customers coming back for more, since the disposition of the independent escorts in this website are captivating and charming. You will never find any other escorts like that in this day and age.



Clients should take note that EscortDirectory-UK is not an illegal website promoting activities against the law. This only depends on where clients are accessing such sites. As long as clients have complied to the terms and conditions stated by them, clients are fully aware of what they are doing and they are responsible for whatever actions they are taking after they have viewed the website. The escorts displayed on this website are all independent, which means they are not working for any agency. They are willing to be contacted any time the client wants, as long as they are available at that time. The photos are arranged accordingly, and the recommended escorts are those highlighted in peach color. In call and out call features are provided by each escort with their corresponding hourly rate. Each escort also specified the kind of things they like to do. Their contact numbers are also displayed and will want to know whether or not you found their listing through Escort Directory UK.



catrina-9Since each of the escorts listed in Escort Directory UK is independent, it can be quite easy to contact them. Clients have the option to either sign up for an account or just list the number provided by the escort in their profile page. Each escort lady provides a little background on herself, gives an appropriate details about herself and the things that they will concede upon being hired. Each profiles has a view count according to each week. This will provide information to future clients on how much their profile was viewed by previous visitors. A new feature, which is a huge advantage for clients is their Girl Chat, which only came out recently. In this page clients can find a listing of women who are ready for a live chat with their clients.



Each escort in Escort Directory UK may have provided information necessary for clients to know, it needs more than that. Each profile should be detailed except their personal data. This will give clients a clearer mind on what kind of escort they are hiring.


Whether you want someone to talk to over the phone or contact for out call or in call services, the independent escorts of Escort Directory UK listings has it all.

My Local Escorts Review


You just thought of wanting someone to accompany you, even if he or she is just a stranger. You do not care about their past or their personal life. All you need is someone to talk to and is willing to listen to you. This is where the escorts come into the picture. An escort can either be a man, woman or transsexual, as long as it is within your means and what you need for. Each escort in My Local Escorts is able to provide the basic services of an escort. Not all escorts provide the same services. Some of them are capable of skills and techniques that others are not familiar or knowledgeable about.



My Local Escorts is not just some ordinary website to find ordinary escorts. Each of the escorts listed here are proven to provide the best services a client can only dream of. It is a comprehensive guide for female escorts and escort agencies. Right below the escort search is a menu of categories that will directly send you to the page according to the link you have chosen. Under escort search clients will find categories such as outcall areas, in call area, age, breast, enjoyments, gender, ethnicity, nationality, independent or agency and even a dedicated search box for inputting particular name of the escort or the agency’s. The searched can be narrowed down according to area. Featured female escorts are presented upon entry into the website. The females lined up and listed right below the featured escorts are recently updated or those that just have started with their escorting career.



eca9e7ef1e61cca78885db8e8beb2855While most escort sites showcase hundreds of escort individuals, here at My Local Escorts are numbered way more than you can imagine. The photos of are well arranged that does not leave any empty space not utilized. It is also easier for clients to find for escorts that have specific services to offer, as not all escorts are ready to cater to the whims and desires of their clients. This can be accessed by ticking the checkboxes under ‘Enjoyments’. Other specifics are also provided in the very same menu that you found the aforementioned category. Clients can also find agencies they could have previously worked with before. There is even a dedicated area for featured escorts to shorten the client’s time looking for them. Those that are listed under the featured area are highly recommended.



It would be okay to visit this website if clients are alone in their room or they are living by themselves, but if there are minors around they can view this webpage without difficulties. There are no confirmations for age requirement, which other escort websites have provided before visitors can enter the website. Other than that, the overall color, layout and design of the website is well thought out that it will not be difficult for clients to navigate.


Clients can hire more than one escort if they wish it. My Local Escorts has all the expert escorts within the area you are living in and are available as you contact them.

Escort Enterprises Review

Where do you go lto ook for a companion that you do not mind paying the extra out of your coffers? It is time to take a look at the collection of beauties within Escort Enterprises. What clients will find there are hundreds of beautiful escorts, whether they be women, men or trans that will cater to every whims and imaginations that they wish to try out. There are no limits on how many escorts you want to hire. As long as you have more than enough to pay for everything at the end of the day.



Visitors of Escort Enterprises website are greeted with a note that the visitor accepts they are beyond 18 years of age or according to the law mandated by their nation, that the visitor is not a agent of the law that are out to purge illegal activities, and many other notes that are necessary for the visitor to read everything. By clicking on accepting the terms and conditions and the 18+ button, visitors have successfully entered the Escort Enterprises website. Visitors can either start their day with browsing through the pictures of beautiful ladies wearing their best attire to entice their clients to buying their services. But each of these girls are competing with each other to get clients. This means there are hundreds of escorts to choose from, but it gets easier with simplified escort search box provided. This is useful for clients who have their own preferences of location, age, gender, weight, etc.



7724724e84c69e6f3513e19669661ce3Clients will definitely find a lot of escort websites, but Escort Enterprises is one nice place to visit. There are a lot of reasons why clients will love shopping for escort services in this place. First, everything is well organized. Clients get to select the language they can understand. A search box is provided, but in a way that will narrow a client’s search depending on the location, gender, height, weight, age, etc. specified. Escort listings are provided at the home page too. They are listed in a slide type, showing all premium escorts that are highly recommended for hiring as a companion. New arrivals are also provided right below the featured listings. For more specific preference, there are different nationalities linked at the left side of the page. By clicking one of these links, the site will divert clients to a page specifically belonging to that nationality.



Photos of each escorts need a little more work. Often it takes a lot of time for the page to respond once clients click on a link or want to go to another page.


The sheer amount of escorts mean that you will never be short with how many escorts you wish to hire. Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions that your escort has specified, or else clients might face legal action from their escort. Most of all, there are not much of an issue in regards to escorts suing their clients, since most clients are already aware the kind of job that their escorts are going to provide. Just never forget to read the fine print to avoid trouble in the future.

PunterLink Review


An unforgettable weekend is all you need right now. You will do whatever it takes just to have someone accompany you and give you the time you will never forget. An experience that will make you come back for more. But where do you find someone if there is not a single person in mind that would be willing to accompany you? You can actually have one for a fee. Not only that, they can even do more services according to your liking. To indulge in your wildest fantasy, PunterLink has listed all the escorts readily available for hire in London. All you need to do is visit their website and begin your search there.



Clients are greeted with photos of new escorts right at their homepage. Each photo has corresponding flags indicating where they came from. Below the escorts’ photos are links to various escort agencies. While PunterLink is a website that provides information about escort girls, they also host a number of escort agencies that provides similar services. The whole home page is filled with photos of escorts arranged in a chronological order, depending on the date they joined to provide escort related services. Regional pages in the UK are also provided, to make searches quicker for clients. Sponsors are also provided at the left panel, plus resource pages and featured ones. For more pictures of the escort ladies, a gallery is provided, which will take you to a new page. In this page clients will find featured escorts of the week. Some of the featured escorts can be quite pricey, but their demand means that they were able to fulfill every desire that their clients ask of them.



rioThe escort ladies are categorized according to the place in which they are readily available. Agencies other than PuterLink is also provided. This is one way of providing an easier way for clients to look for specific agencies that handled their escorts when they hired them before. Each photos of the escort ladies are of good quality. Clients will no longer have to worry about staring at their computer screen all day long trying to discern what kind of face the escorts have. People who are interested in advertising with PunterLink is given the opportunity to do so, as long as the ad is related to the services offered by the website itself. Listings can be submitted for free. New escorts are displayed at the top of the page, while the oldest ones are at the last of the page. VIP and featured escorts are naturally given a separate page.



Some faces are faded and only the body is visible. While there is nothing wrong with the way the website looks, it lacks appeal. PunterLink should put more focus on building the kind of energy by combining the right colors for the kind of mood they want to set it.


PunterLink has a lot of good looking and pleasant escorts to offer, but to create a better mood, they need to work on their website.